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Hosting an Airbnb in Las Vegas is an excellent way to grow a passive income and reap the benefits of property ownership.

As an Airbnb owner and host, the guest experience is your bread and butter. Hosting can be advantageous, but there are some things that you need to ensure that your property is secure before—and after guests arrive.

Having a secure property is essential for Airbnb hosts that live on-site or keep belongings on the property.

There are some measures you can take to increase the security of your vacation property.

Following these steps can help your guests access your Airbnb efficiently while still keeping them safe while staying on your property.

Get to Know Your Guests

Being a friendly Airbnb host can work to your advantage.

For one thing, you are likely to get a good host rating from your guests.

A second thing is that you will be more familiar with your guests and vice versa.

This will make them less likely to be destructive to your property and make them feel as if they can communicate questions or concerns to you.

By knowing who you are, your guests will likely make good choices for their stay at your Airbnb instead of making assumptions and potentially damaging the property. Asking for a security deposit may also weed out problematic renters.

Secured Entry Points

Everyone thinks about locking doors, and most people think about locking windows.

However, other entry points should be checked and secured before you rent out your Airbnb property.

If your property has a basement, you may have window wells. Securing these should be a priority. They are usually more discreet than entering through a front door or window and are a prime entry point for burglars.

To ensure that a sliding glass door is secure, use a safety bar or a piece of wood in the track to stop it from being opened after a lock is forced.

Garage doors should be inaccessible unless they are separate from the house or special arrangements have been made with the renters. If there is an entryway to the home through the garage, secure locks must be added.

You may also want to have deadbolts installed on your windows and doors so that the house is more secure.

Install a Security System

When you are an Airbnb host in Las Vegas, you want your guests to enjoy all that the area has to offer, which may leave them coming in at odd times.

A security system can give your renters peace of mind when they are staying at your rental. It may also provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your house is secure at all times.

An alarm or security system that can be managed remotely from a computer, smartphone, or other device is the best bet. That way, you can change the code remotely when guests leave or change it if your guests become dangerous.

Install Better Locks

One way you can ensure that your Airbnb is fully secure is by getting rid of keys.

Instead, install a keyless entry system like a keypad lock.

Physical keys can be annoying for both guests and hosts. For guests, if more than one person is staying at the property, it can force people to change their schedule to accommodate locking up with the key.

The key is out of the hosts’ hands, which means it can be lost, stolen, copied, or damaged. Therefore, the key will need to be replaced, and depending on the circumstances, the locks may need to be rekeyed or changed. It also can mean an emergency phone call at any hour.

Installing a keypad lock is more secure than a keypad lock for your Airbnb property. The keypad code can be changed for every guest that checks in and then erased when they leave.

Not only are your guests safer, but it is also more convenient for them to use a keypad, and each guest will be able to come and go as they please.

Add a Smart Security Device

A smart doorbell camera can give you and your Airbnb guests the peace of mind to know that, in the unlikely event of someone breaking into the property, it will be caught on camera.

Also, a smart doorbell gives the guests a chance to see who is at the door before opening it.

You can also install security cameras that look at multiple vantage points. Your garage is a target for thieves. A deadbolt on the door for long absences combined with a security camera will be beneficial to you.

Your Las Vegas Airbnb Property

Understandably, you want to increase the level of security you offer for your Airbnb property. If you are prepared to host by getting to know your guests, asking for a security deposit, consider adding security devices, and changing to more convenient and secure locks will help keep your guests and property protected.

The best way to boost security at your Airbnb property is to hire a reputable locksmith. The experts at NV Locksmith are skilled in making your property more secure.

They feature various services such as lock and key changes, installing deadbolts and doorknobs, access control systems like keypad locks, and emergency locksmith services.

Have NV Locksmith check out your Airbnb property to make security suggestions from their skilled locksmiths.

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