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As an Airbnb owner, you do what you can to keep your property secure and your tenants safe.

Your reputation as a host can determine whether people book your Airbnb or if they choose another Las Vegas property to rent.

You provide windows and doors that lock and maybe even other security features so that your guests feel safe. And when you run an Airbnb, your guests’ safety and comfort are paramount, so the state of your locks is critical.

In some cases, your locks need to be changed to be effective.

But, knowing when your locks need changing is a puzzle in itself, especially if you are new to hosting or not familiar with locks.

Even if you are familiar with locks, you still might not know when you should change the locks on your Airbnb.

And when you do, there are questions about whether you need to upgrade your locks or use the same style. How often should you change your locks?

At NV Locksmith, we know how important it is that your Airbnb and guests are safe. Here is our advice for when you should change the locks on your Airbnb.

Have You Made a New Purchase?

It is a good idea to change locks on a recently purchased property that you will rent out as an Airbnb.

With the hecticness of purchasing a new property, especially one that you plan to use for rental income, the locks are often neglected.

You must do so, however, in order to protect yourself and any guests that choose your Airbnb.

There are several reasons that it is vital to change the locks on your newly acquired property after you close on it. For example:

  • The previous owner had their keys stolen and didn’t change the locks
  • The previous owner gave keys to their dog walker, cleaner, or contractor and never got them back
  • The previous owner kept copies of the keys
  • The property was foreclosed upon or had tenants that didn’t want to move, and you can’t track all copies of keys
  • Your contractor or their employees who built the property kept or made copies of your keys

It is exciting to take possession of a new property. So instead of stressing over who might have copies of your keys, call a professional locksmith.

They can change your locks and make sure your property and its inhabitants—your renters— are safe.

When you create your home closing day checklist, add a call to a professional Las Vegas locksmith, like NV Locksmith. Ask the locksmith to check any other exterior doors that need replacement.

You can even ask the locksmith to meet you at the new property and change the locks while you inspect the new digs!

Have You Had Renters With a Grudge?

Owning an Airbnb comes with risks, and there is a slim chance that one of your guests will take issue with you for one reason or another.

Your guests may have made a copy of your keys, and to exact revenge, may use the keys to gain access to your Airbnb property.

Another scenario for unrest between you and a renter is if you are forced to keep their deposit for damages. Along the same line is renters who break any of your Airbnb’s rules, and you are met with anger.

In these cases, it is best to have a professional locksmith drop by your property, change your locks to keep your property safe and keep any future renters safe.

You may want to have the locksmith meet with you at the property if you are forced to take action against a renter.

Doing so ensures that there is no time wasted between the guests leaving and you securing the property.

Do You Live Far From Your Airbnb Property?

Do you live far enough from your Las Vegas Airbnb property that it is inconvenient to bring a key for your rental guests? Or, maybe you frequently have guests arriving at the Airbnb late at night when they arrive in Vegas?

Either of these scenarios calls for changing your locks. Your need for security has not changed, but when you throw convenience into the mix, a new set of locks for your house is imperative. Especially when your guests arrive in town late at night and want to be settled as soon as possible.

One option is offering a lockbox on the door and communicating with the guests before arrival. You would give them the lockbox combination, and the guests would be free to come and go when they arrive at the house.

You could take convenience even further and upgrade your Airbnb locks to smart locks.

Have a reliable Las Vegas locksmith evaluate your property and determine a smart lock solution that will impress your guests and be more convenient for you.

A keyless entry to your Airbnb rental by way of a keypad entry system would elevate your guests’ experience at your Airbnb.

Once the renters check out of your Airbnb, you can delete the existing access code and set up a new one for your next renters. There are even keyless entry systems that can be controlled remotely, which will allow you to grant access to the rental in case of emergency.

Are Your Locks Damaged or Aging?

The most common reasons for changing locks on any property are to protect against people with bad intentions gaining access by stealing or making copies of keys. However, there are some other reasons you should have the locks on your Airbnb changed.

Damaged Locks

If your locks are damaged in any way, they will not be secure enough to keep your Airbnb and your guests safe.

Not only is this dangerous, but it also creates a bad impression on your guests which can cause a negative rating for you, as the host.

Outdated Locks

If your locks look old and not in a shabby chic way, you should be replacing your locks to match the rest of your property.

The first thing any guest will see when they get to your Airbnb property is the front, and if your door handle, doorknob, and locks look old, the guests will question your tastes and their safety.

Old Locks

If you can’t remember the last time your locks were replaced, it is time to change them. Even if the locks are working well now, old locks are more likely to break, causing inconvenience to your guests.

In all three cases, you should enlist the help of a professional locksmith who services the Las Vegas area.

The locksmith can help you choose more secure and aesthetically pleasing modern locks that fit your Airbnb’s style and will please your guests and keep them safe.

You Have Keys That Were Stolen or Lost

In the case of keys being stolen or misplaced, always assume that someone picked them up.

That means you will need to rekey the locks or have them replaced to ensure that someone does not make a copy of the keys and gain access that way.

How Often You Should Change Your Locks?

Any of the above situations call for the replacement of locks. So, you should change your locks anytime you find yourself dealing with one of the scenarios we mentioned.

If you have not dealt with any of those situations, your Airbnb locks should be changed periodically.

You can time the changes with the seasons and have them changed quarterly. Or change them every six months. Whatever helps you remember to do so.

In the case that you have a new, more secure system installed, you can cut down on your need for lock replacement because you can delete codes on a pin pad-type lock.

Your guests will be impressed by the amount of focus you put on their security, and your Airbnb will be safe and protected.

NV Locksmith Will Change Your Locks

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When you are a conscientious owner of an Airbnb, guest security and safety is a concerns that you don’t take lightly.

In Las Vegas, NV Locksmith is efficient and available to provide you and your Airbnb property with reliable service.

Changing the locks on your property can significantly impact the investment you have made in your Airbnb.

Call NV Locksmith to discuss your options.

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