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Business security requirements are constantly changing.

Access control systems and keyless entry options are becoming more common for businesses, property managers, and building owners.

The design of access control systems provides safe and secure access to buildings and rooms that require safekeeping.

An access control system keeps unwelcome visitors or those lacking security credentials out of specific spaces and controls everyone else’s access.

Access control systems work for companies of all sizes because security is an issue whenever employees, inventory, or equipment need protection.

With benefits from protecting your assets to ensuring employee or tenant safety, access control systems can help enhance your business.

If you are considering the installation of an access control system, check out the following reasons why an access control system is beneficial:

Access Control Systems Are Customizable

Remote access control

Access control systems are customizable with limits.

Doing so gives business owners, property managers, and building owners access to all building areas.

Other employees have lower limits, but ones set individually to ensure that the access level is appropriate for the job level.

Remote access control is beneficial to businesses where multiple locations or the property owner, manager, or business owner are located elsewhere.

A remote access control saves time and money for the company, as there is no longer a need to hire a security guard or monitor multiple doors.

Reduces Your Risk Of Theft

No matter what you hold in your building; inventory, equipment, or even personnel, your business will be a target for theft.

Unfortunately, even your employees may be a threat to your goods.

An access control system makes it much more difficult for anyone to steal from you.

Intruders won’t be allowed into your buildings unless they have the code. It also limits those who have access, allowing you to keep secure rooms locked even when employees or vendors are on the property.

An access control system also records who entered controlled areas and at what time.

In the case of proprietary or confidential information, it is easier to keep areas secure with an access control system.

 access control system

Employee Protection

Having an access control system is like an added piece of security. Your employees can enter and exit your building quickly but not risk your assets or their own safety (the doors lock behind them).

Depending on the access control system you choose for your commercial building, your employees do not need to find a key. They are safer because they can open a door using biometrics, a key card, or a fob and walk inside with the door locked behind.

Only those who are authorized may enter the building, so your employees can go to work knowing that there are no threats. The sense of security from access control is especially comforting for employees who work night shifts or work alone.

Restricted Access

If your building houses high-value goods, top-secret data, hazardous or dangerous matter, or any sensitive materials, you may choose to limit access to certain areas of your facility.

Chances are, your entire workforce does not need access to the whole facility. Access control systems limit employee access to certain areas based on their position. Doing so ensures that your employees have quick and easy access to required locations, but they are kept out of sites that are not necessary.

No More Keys

When you have to hand out keys to different employees, it can be challenging to control, and if one employee loses keys, your entire building will need to be rekeyed or have the locks changed. Changing locks or rekeying can be costly.

When you only have a couple of keyholders, you may have other employees waiting around until the keyholder arrives to let them in.

If a keyholder calls in sick or has some other reason to be to miss work, our business may not be able to open on time, potentially costing you customers. With an access control system, staff can be given access and pretend this lost business.

Limit Access

Your business may require access to certain areas during limited hours. If your company has visiting hours from 9 am to 5 pm, you will need to give your clients access during these hours daily.

With an access control system, you can program your doors to be open to visitors only during these hours. The access control system will limit access to other parts of your building to those with credentials that match the security level required.

You may also want to give access to occasional visitors to your commercial building. For instance, if you hire secure paper shredding by an outside company or you bring in a cleaning crew that works outside of business hours, their employees will need access to your business.

You can program your access control to allow these outside vendors restricted access. Their access (a card, number, fob, or biometric) will allow them into the building, but it will only let them in during the program’s specified hours.

Remotely Access Your Doors

You will be able to remotely permit door access. So, if you have gotten an alert or need some work done in your commercial building, you do not need to be present to grant access.

You can allow a repair person into your building remotely, for example, which gives you the freedom to travel or be away from the office for extended periods.

Correct Mistakes

If your employees are solely responsible for locking and securing your building, there is a minute chance that they might forget to lock up. Even you might do this on occasion. Doing this can put your inventory, facility, and employees at risk.

With a remote access system, your doors are locked unless opened by the appropriate people. The system allows you peace of mind, rather than worrying that your building is not secure.

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