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Car Ignition Repair

Having problems with your car starting?  Sometimes a faulty ignition switch could be the culprit preventing you from using your vehicle.  If you have a suspicion that your ignition and key is giving you problems, our team can likely help.  NV Locksmith has a mobile team on-call ready to get to any location for ignition repairs and replacement within Las Vegas, Henderson, and Clark County within 30 minutes.  We are a locally owned locksmith providing outstanding service to our community.

Diagnosing Ignition Problems

An easy way to determine if you are having ignition problems is to observe your vehicle’s actions.  Much can be determined by how your car behaves when the key is in the ignition and at different positions.  Typically, there are four positions the key can be in (1) the OFF or LOCK position, (2) the accessory or ACC position, (3) the ON position, and (4) the cranking of START position.  

Below are a few tips for diagnosing an ignition problem:

  • While your key is in the ON position, check to see if the dashboard light illuminate.  A dashboard that is not coming on can indicate an electrical problem within the ignition.
  • While the key remains in the ON position verify if ignition is heating up excessively.  Excessive heat could be an indicator that there is an electric malfunction.

These are just a couple of issues that can occur when an ignition switch is malfunctioning.  

Advantages of Using NV Locksmith for Ignition Repair

One significant benefit of choosing us to repair your vehicle’s ignition problem is that we can come to you.  You do not have to worry about driving your vehicle with an ignition issue on the open road or having it towed to a repair shop.  Secondly, we can diagnose the problem with a few minutes.  Hence, even if you ae unsure of the issue at play, we can very if your ignition is really the problem or not.  In addition to repairing an ignition switch, we can also replace them if necessary.


Our mobile locksmiths are able to reach your location in 15 to 30 minutes.  They’re always ready for emergency service.


Our storefront locksmiths are open 16 hours a day for your drop-by convenience.


We’re family owned and operated, so you can count on personalized services and attention to every detail.  There’s no hidden or surprise fees, and we arrive at your location when we say we will.


Of course we’re fully licensed and insured for each Nevada city we serve.

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Edan was great, showed up when he said he would. Rekeyed 12 locks and replaced 1.  He is out for what is best for the customer. Thank you Edan for a wonderful job, I will be recommending  you.  You are the BEST.

Craig Beard on Google