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A hotel owner has more than a few things to consider when deciding on changing the locks on their guest room doors.

Though the focus is on safety first, you would like to minimize interruption to your guests as a conscientious business owner.

As you consider your guests’ safety, you know that a properly locking door is essential to keeping unwanted intruders out of your guest rooms.

Doors that lock properly keep your guests and their belongings safe.

Naturally, with guest safety in mind, you may be wondering when it is appropriate to change the locks on your hotel property.

There are a few signs that indicate that your locks are in need of replacement.

Here is our list of signs that indicate that it is time to replace your locks.

With Signs of Wear and Tear

No matter the type of locks you have in your guestrooms, if your locks are starting to look damaged, tarnished, rusted, or show other signs of diminished quality, you will need to replace your locks.

One of the first things that intruders are looking for when trying to find insecurities in a business or hotel is locks that are worn or damaged.

Damaged locks are easier to pick or break.

The other side of this is that worn or damaged locks can be more challenging to open for your guests and will only worsen over time.

Not only is this an inconvenience to your guests, as they will be fiddling with opening the door while juggling luggage or more, but you will also have to replace the lock or send someone to open it for them.

In the case of mechanical locks, you may run into sticky locks. A lock gets sticky when the key is unable to slip easily into the lock.

You may also find resistance when you turn the key. You might have to fidget with the key to get it to turn in the lock.

Once your locks have gone sticky, they will only get worse. You may try to use a spray lubricant in the interim, but it is just prolonging the inevitable.

It is best to replace your locks as soon as they show wear.

Replacing them will not inconvenience your guests by being locked out or having to struggle to get into their guest room.

Lock Age

Even if you haven’t had any recent problems with your locks, it is always a good idea to change them every couple of years.

Security technology changes constantly, which can make older locks obsolete.

While it isn’t dire, it is essential to keep up with these changes if you are worried about your premises’ security.

Your guests will appreciate the added security and the aesthetics of a more modern look to your guest rooms.

After a Break-In

When someone breaks into your business or home, the intrusion feels awful. If this happens with your hotel, the intruders may have picked or broken the locks on your business, which means your locks are probably permanently damaged and in need of replacement.

Even if there is no apparent damage, if someone has broken into your hotel, chances are sensitive materials were taken or they may have even removed keys from the premises.

Call your locksmith to have a look at your lock system.

A locksmith can determine if the locks are indeed damaged and may be able to rekey your existing locks.

If not, the locksmith will be able to change your locks so that you and your guests are more secure.

Unauthorized Keys

There are many ways that someone may have duplicated your keys, which presents a significant security risk.

This list can include less than trustworthy employees, guests not returning keys, and more.

To protect against key duplication, it may be time for a switch to locks that use keys that can’t be duplicated or upgrade to digital locks that are wiped clean of data after designated use.

Security Upgrade

When did you last change your locks?

Regardless of the age of your locks, a security upgrade every few years is warranted to keep your hotel modern-looking and secure.

As technology changes, locks become more secure and more comfortable to use. Your hotel’s locks may be out of date, and it is vital to keep up to date with security changes as they occur.

An upgrade to ‘Do Not Duplicate’ keys or magnetic strip locks will ensure that your premises stay secure and help your guests feel safe and comfortable.

At the Time of Renovation

If you are renovating your hotel, it can be a great time to upgrade your locks.

When you have given keys out to contractors or other workers you might believe to be trustworthy; you will never be sure that someone did not duplicate the keys.

Not only will a newly renovated hotel appear more secure with new locks, but you will also mitigate the need to replace locks for any keys that inadvertently were left with a contractor and you will not cause any disruptions to room bookings.

A Breakup or Business Split

If you have recently had a falling out with a business partner, spouse, or someone involved in your business, it is opportune to change the locks on your hotel.

You can not always predict the behavior of people you once trusted when emotions are running high.

If someone has access to your premises without permission, there is a possibility of intrusion, vandalism, and theft.

It is a good idea to change the locks at the time of a split or the end of a business partnership to protect your guests and your own business dealings.

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