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When you’re locked out of your house it may feel like a crisis at the worst possible time.  But no worries.  Our highly trained mobile locksmiths will be there quickly (usually within 15 to 30 minutes) to get you back inside with no damage to locks, doors, or windows that will have to be repaired later.  NV Locksmith has a mobile team dedicated to helping homeowners in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Clark County with home lockout services.  

TIP:  It might seem obvious in retrospect, but take a walk around the outside of your house on the off-chance that another door or window was left open.

Locked Out of the House

Home lockouts most commonly occur when you simply forget to grab your keys when leaving the house.  But they’re not only the result of keys getting lost or left inside.  Keys can break or become too worn to work properly.  Home door locks can jam or otherwise break. And alarm systems can fail.  Whatever the problem, you want back inside as quickly and economically as possible.  Do-it-yourself attempts usually just delay things or, worse still, cause expensive damage.

Las Vegas House Lockout Services

That’s why our house locksmith specialists arrive properly with all the right tools to deal with just about any brand and type of door lock.  That makes damaging drill-outs (often a first resort for inexperienced locksmiths) a last result for us.  Broken-off keys and high security locks only take us just a few minutes more.  And our home lockout services cover sliding glass patio doors as well as mailboxes and fence gates.  

While we’re there we can cut key replacements, even if there’s no original to copy.  We can also inspect and lubricate locks and related hardware for more trouble-free operation.  Broken lock?  We’re the experts when you need locks repaired or replaced.

If a key was truly lost you may be concerned about security.  And should be.  We can economically re-key your existing locks or change your locks so that old keys no longer work.  We can also upgrade you to high security locks and/or master key your home so that the same key works in all your house locks.  Our experts can also install keyless entry systems.

NV Locksmith Tips

  • Thinking about hiding a spare key?  Do not hide them under a door mat or in an artificial rock or log.  Burglars know about all the common places.  Instead, keep a spare in your wallet, purse, or car.  And make it a habit to double-check before leaving the house.
  • Or consider a password/key code protected lockbox like real estate agents use.  Or better still, upgrade with a keyless entry system installation.
  • If you need to jiggle the key or it’s hard to turn, it’s time for some preventive maintenance.


Our mobile locksmiths are able to reach your location in 15 to 30 minutes. 


Our storefront locksmiths are open 16 hours a day for your drop-by convenience.


We’re family owned and operated, so you can count on personalized services and attention to every detail. 


Of course we’re fully licensed and insured for each Nevada city we serve.

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Edan was great, showed up when he said he would. Rekeyed 12 locks and replaced 1.  He is out for what is best for the customer. Thank you Edan for a wonderful job, I will be recommending  you.  You are the BEST.

Craig Beard on Google