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Your home is your castle, and you must do everything you can to keep your castle safe.

One of the best and most common ways to do that is to install a deadbolt lock on all your exterior doors. But with so many different options for types and brands of deadbolt locks on the market, it surely can take time to decide which one to choose. Here are some of the best deadbolt locks for your home.

Mul T Lock Hercular Deadbolt

This high-security deadbolt is solid steel and features a unique keyway that makes picking and bumping virtually impossible. It’s also UL 437 listed, meaning it’s been tested to withstand up to 10 hours of attack with standard tools like hammers, chisels, and saws. Best of all, the Mul-T-Lock Hercular comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be completely sure that your home is safe for years to come.

Medeco Maxum Residential Deadbolt

Medeco Maxum Residential Deadbolts are incredibly strong and durable, thanks to their construction from high-strength steel. They’re also pick-resistant and drill-resistant, making them much more difficult for burglars to defeat than conventional locks. 

In addition, Medeco Maxum Residential Deadbolts feature a unique key control system that makes it nearly impossible for unauthorized keys to be duplicated.

Segal Jimmy Proof Top Lock

The Segal Jimmy Proof Top Lock is one of the best deadbolt locks in Las Vegas, NV, and it’s perfect for any home. Here’s what is necessary to know about the Segal Jimmy Proof Top Lock:

The Segal Jimmy Proof Top Lock is a high-quality deadbolt lock designed to withstand tampering and picking. The lock has a hardened steel bolt that extends into the strike plate, making it virtually impossible to force open. The Segal Jimmy Proof Top Lock also features an anti-pick mechanism that makes it almost impossible to pick the lock.

Arrow D series, E series

Arrow D series and E series deadbolts are two of the best on the market. They are both made of high-quality materials and have various features that make them ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings.

Arrow D series deadbolts have a solid brass body and a hardened steel shackle which makes them resistant to forced entry and tampering. They also have a 6-way adjustable latch that fits most standard door sizes. The E series deadbolts have all of these features, plus they come with an anti-pick shield that protects the keyway from being tampered with.

Schlage B Series

These locks are designed for residential and commercial applications and offer various features that make them ideal for any home in Las Vegas, NV.

The Schlage B Series offers various deadbolt options, including single, double, and keyed-alike deadbolts. They also offer multiple finishes to find the perfect match for your home’s décor. And if you’re looking for added security, the Schlage B Series offers a variety of high-security deadbolt options that are sure to keep your home safe from intruders.


In conclusion, the best deadbolt locks for your home are the ones that fit your needs and budget. There are a variety of deadbolt locks in Las Vegas, NV, so it is very important to conduct your research before making a purchase.

A deadbolt lock is an excellent investment for your home security, so choose one that will give you the peace of mind and the security you deserve.

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